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COSMETIC DENTIST PORCELAIN VENEERS Dental Implants Cosmetic LANAP Invisalign and Holistic Dentist!


CAN PORCELAIN VENEERS BE REMOVED? Veneers can be removed by shaving them off which is the same process as when you initially had them done. If the teeth were shaved down underneath then something needs to be replace the veneers that were removed with a new veneer, composite bonding or a crown. You would need to […]

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CAN PORCELAIN VENEERS BE WHITENED? Porcelain Veneers don’t change color like natural teeth or composite filling. You should think of the material which veneers are made of like an expensive fine china plate or coffee cup in essence it is the same material so therefore they can’t be stained or whitened. So when choosing a color […]

Chipped Tooth

Chipped or Cracked Teeth Can Be Treated in a Variety of Ways

Cosmetic Dentist helps Chipped or Cracked Teeth. Depending on the severity of a patient’s cracked or chipped tooth, different levels of treatment might be required. In other words, each cracked or chipped tooth is different and what appears to be one thing when the patient looks at it might appear to be something else when […]

Laser Dentistry in NYC Helping Save Teeth

How Can LANAP Laser Treatment Save My Teeth? If someone told you that you can use a laser to save your teeth, you would probably laugh at them and think they have been watching too many science fiction movies. What if your doctor told you that it’s possible and that it is less painful then […]

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