LAPIP (Laser Peri-Implantitis Treatment) to save Dental Implants

LAPIP Saving Dental Implants
If You have Peri Implantitis you can lose your dental implant due to inflammation that destroys the bone around the dental implant. LAPIP is a procedure that can save ailing and failing implants and save the tissue surrounding it.

What is Lapip ?

Lapip (short for Laser Peri-Implantitis Treatment) is a cutting edge laser treatment to save failing dental implants. Preformed by using the MVP periolase Dental laser. The treatment involves disinfecting the dental implant and creating a healing clot around the dental implants, which calls on your body’s healing ability to produce bone around the implant and and in essence stabilizes the implant. Studies indicate 95% of the failing implants treated with the LAPIP protocol have reintegrated in the pocket and stabilized with bone growth of 3-8 threads.

Am I a Candidate for LAPIP?

LAPIP is an non-invasive procedure that helps save your dental implant. No cutting or sewing is involved since we use a special dental laser to help heal around the dental implant – therefore most patients are candidates for LAPIP. There is no need to stop or alter any medications.

What are the advantage of LAPIP Over other Procedure?

Because there is no resection or reflection of a flap, the integrity of the structural tissue is retained. Thus all other future treatment options remain. The benefits of LAPIP are as follows:

  1. No Cutting
  2. No Sewing
  3. NO Graft material Needed
  4. NO removal of implant
  5. NO Need to stop or alter any medication
  6. No Need to come back for multiple visits (Single Visit Treatment)
  7. Less expensive then Implant Removal+Bone Graft+new Implant +new Abutment+ Implant Crown

How Is LAPIP Done?

  1. First we numb the area of the implant.
  2. Then we take precise measurements of the defect.
  3. We disinfect and clean the implant use the periolase laser.
  4. Create a special healing clot around the implant using a different setting on the laser.
  5. Adjust the bite so the implant does not receive any pressure to allow the bone to heal properly.

LAPIP Saving Dental Implants Instructions.

How Much Does LAPIP Cost?

LAPIP is less costly than replacing the dental implant which can cost upwards of $3000, LAPIP is a fraction of that cost.Dental insurance does not cover the procedure, however flexible spending accounts and HSA can be used. We also offer 0% financing options.

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