LANAP ® Periodontal Regeneration

What is LANAP ® (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)?

LANAP Laser Therapy CenterOver 50% of the adults in America have something called gum disease – which is an infection below the gum line and sometimes you may not even know you have gum disease. Gum disease is linked to several health problems starting from heart disease, stroke, diabetes and pre-term babies. LANAP ® is a specialized full mouth laser gum treatment that uses the only FDA cleared PerioLase® MVP-7 digital pulsed Nd:YAG dental laser for the treatment of Periodontitis “Gum Disease”. The Laser Gum treatment helps to form new attachments between your gums and teeth by removing the diseased tissue and killing the bad bacteria in your gums which create a favorable environment for healthy gum tissue to form around your teeth.


dentist call nowLANAP Procedure step by step instructions

LANAP Before and After. Get result without cutting.

Patient benefits of (Laser Gum Surgery) vs. Traditional Gum Surgery

  1. Less Pain
  2. Faster Healing
  3. Less Bleeding
  4. Less post-treatment discomfort
  5. Decreased sensitivity
  6. No stitches
  7. No need to stop blood thinning medication
  8. Less recession

Am I a Candidate For?

LANAP® will produce results in patient that have moderate to severe gum disease and need gum surgery. In order to find out if LANAP ® is right for please call for your consultation at Midtown Manhattan 212.725.2002 or Brooklyn, NY location at 718.615.2272 or click here to fill out a consultation form.

Does LANAP ® Hurt?

During the procedure you will be numb and will not feel any pain. Post-Treatment most patient report that they feel like something was done, but were not in pain. There favorite part was that there were no stitches bothering there tongue.

Do I have to do anything different after Treatment?

Yes. You will have to be on a liquid-soft food diet for 2 weeks, and no brushing and flossing for 2 weeks. A special rinse to use during that time. NO tobacco use for a minimum of three days

Who can do LANAP ® In NYC?

Only Dentist that have been specially trained to use this FDA cleared Laser protocol by MDT, the PerioLase is a specialized dental instrument that requires the training in order to properly operate the Laser. All other dentist that claim to do LANAP ® with a different laser do not have clinical proof behind their results and therefore can not do LANAP ® . A LANAP Dentist can be a General Dentist or a Periodontist both have the same training with the PerioLase in order to do LANAP. Dr. Alexander Lezhansky DDS has received hi fellowship status for the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry for his training and clinical work with LANAP.

Can I do Invisalign after LANAP ®?

Yes. In most cases Invisalign is possible, 2 weeks after LANAP ® the final determination will be made on the 2 weeks follow up after treatment.

Before And After Result Of LANAP.

LANAP Results Laser gum treatment.

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