Gummy Smile Reduction / Laser gum Recontouring

What is gummy Smile reduction?

Each person’s smile is different. Some people show more gum (pink) when they smile while there is nothing wrong with showing more gum biologically. However some feel that is aesthetically undesirable. At Bright Smile Design Dental we evaluate the amount of gum tissue (pink) showing compared to the your teeth and explain your option on how to reduce the amount of gum tissue showing using several techniques using a laser, as well as in conjunction with cosmetic dentistry to handcraft your smile design.

What Are The Steps Involved With Getting A Gummy Smile Reduction?

The first visit would be a consultation where X-rays pictures, and measurements would be taken in order to evaluate the options available to correct the gummy smile. This could involve laser gum recontouring, upper lip laser repositioning, cosmetic dentistry or a combination of procedures at Bright Smile Design Dental we perform all aspects of the procedure so we can tailor the needed treatment plan and preform all in one place.

Once the handcrafted treatment plan is decided on we will take molds of the mouth and design a special guide and prepare any temporary teeth needed and setup the appointment to get the procedure done.

On the day of the gummy smile reduction procedure we will use local anesthesia in order to numb the area, so you will not feel anything. Usually recovery time is a couple of days and the follow up appointment is in two weeks. On the follow up appointment we will make a final decision on whether or not any cosmetic dentistry is needed and then schedule an appointment for any cosmetic procedure needed. Most of the time if there are not any discolored, or misshapen teeth only the gum smile reduction procedure is needed.

Botox Treatment for Gummy Smile.

Botox is the least invasive treatment used to treat gummy smile, however temporary it is the first treatment that can be used if you are not ready for a bigger commitment of a surgery. Botox is injected above the lip area in order to relax the muscles of the lips, this way when you smile the lip does not raise up as high, therefore not showing as much teeth as it did before. This is also the least expensive treatment for gummy smile however to maintain the results the Botox will need to be repeated..This Treatment is perfect if you have a special event coming up and want to have a more aesthetically pleasing smile for pictures. It is best to schedule the appointment for Botox treatment at least 10 days before any event to get the maximum effect.

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