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What To Expect During Your Dental Implant Consultation?

  1. A discussion about the patient expectation of dental implants.
  2. An x-ray of the area needing the dental implant to insure adequate bone.
  3. An exam of the surrounding teeth and gum tissue to ensure that no disease is present that will affect the implant.
  4. A complete explanation of the dental implant needs.
  5. An appointment will be scheduled for the dental implant placementFree Dental Implant Consultation

What to Expect The Day Of Dental Implant Surgery?

  1. Dr Lezhansky the implant dentist will explain the dental implant surgery and go over patient expectation.
  2. Numbing medication will be placed in the site of the implant placement. (sleep dentistry available for an extra fee)
  3. A small incision will be made in area of dental implant placement.
  4. A titanium root form implant is placed in the site where the tooth will be replaced.
  5. A cap is placed on the dental implant which will protrude through the gum.

Save Your Teeth With a Single Dental Implant.

A Single Dental Implant Compared To a Dental Bridge Will Save Existing to From Being Saved Down In Order to Replace Your Tooth.

  • Dental Implants Have Become The Gold Standard For Replacing A Missing Tooth.
  • More Predictable Success With Dental Implants.
  • Dental Implants DON’T Get Cavities or Decay.
  • Easier to Clean Then a Dental Bridge.
  • With Our Special Offer More Affordable Then a Dental Bridge.

See how Dental Implants can help you, If you have missing teeth Dental Implants can help you eat better and smile with confidence. Our experienced and caring dentist are looking forward to helping you with the dental implant process

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