Holistic and Green Dentistry

At The Best Holistic and Green Dentistry, we perform all these procedures In our office, so you are always around familiar faces.

»Laser Gum Therapy / Biologic Gum Treatment

With Laser technology we are able help heal the gum tissue without doing invasive treatment using a special laser wavelength which is able to target gum disease bacteria which it destroys on contact, because of these bacteria are gone inflammation goes down and your body is able to heal the bone to health.

» Biological All Ceramic Material

When replacing your natural teeth with a dental crown or bridge we use nonmetallic material because we want to make sure it doesn’t case any health issue like metal allergies or galvanizing affect.

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» Invisalign®

Invisalign fits into the holistic and green dentistry purpose to straighten your teeth since having to many metals in your mouth it can cause a galvanizing effect. Invisalign is all plastic and does not cause this affect. Invisalign can be used to create more space for the tongue to help you breathe better through your nose, which will help you breathe and sleep better.

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» Biological Surgical Procedure

When removing a tooth, a large is hole is left open to the environment that will have food particle and bacteria that will get stuck in there. If you allow the food particle to get stuck there your body will create a wall around the particle which will not allow the area to heal properly.  Because we want to prevent this, we use your body’s own blood to create a barrier to prevent these food particles for getting stuck there.

Dental Implants Cosmetic LANAP Invisalign and Holistic Dentist! prf tooth extraction

» Safe Amalgam Removal

Dental Implants Cosmetic LANAP Invisalign and Holistic Dentist SMART Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique

Mercury In Amalgam Filing is a toxic metal, so when replacing amalgam filing special step need to be taken in order to protect the patient, dental staff and the environment. Safe mercury amalgam removal technique is a special training that certifies you are educating in the proper way to replace amalgam fillings.

» Airway Focused Dentistry and TMJ


» Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance

Reshaping the upper jaw to a more harmonious position can enhance the facial profile and appearance. The AGGA can also help alleviate problems associated with poor facial profiles, poor jaw alignment, and narrow mouths. TMJ issues, migraine headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain, dizziness, ringing in the ears, mouth breathing, and sleep disorders such as sleep apnea may be reduced or alleviated with the AGGA.

» Stop Snoring Treatment

Snoring is a big problem not only for the person that is sleeping next too, but more so for the person snoring. In many cases snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea which has many health problems associated with it the most severe would-be death. Since you already arrived at this page because you searched snoring treatments, I won’t bore you with information you already know what, why and how snoring affects you. So I will get down Stop Snoring Treatment to how we can help.

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