Holistic and Green Dentistry

At The Best Holistic and Green Dentistry, we perform all these procedures In our office, so you are always around familiar faces.

»Laser Therapy 

With Laser technology we are able help heal the gum tissue without doing invasive treatment using a special laser wavelength which is able to target gum disease bacteria which it destroys on contact, because of these bacteria are gone inflammation goes down and your body is able to heal the bone to health.

» Biological Periodontal Therapy


» Invisalign®

Invisalign fits into the holistic and green dentistry purpose to straighten your teeth since having to many metals in your mouth it can cause a galvanizing effect. Invisalign is all plastic and does not cause this affect.

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» Biological Surgical Procedure


» Safe Amalgam Removal


» Airway Focused Dentistry and TMJ


» Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance


» Ozone Therapy


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