Uncomfortable Denture dental implants overdentures can Help you?

Do you have an existing denture that doesn’t stay in place when eating and talking?

Do you need to use tons of denture paste to hold you denture in place?

Have you had new denture made and they still don’t fit right?

If you answered yes to any of the question

Then Dental Implants Overdentures can help you. just by placing 2 – 4 dental implants in the jaw bone.

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What are Dental Implants Overdentures?

Over-Dentures replace missing teeth and their adjacent tissues with a removable dental appliance made of acrylic resin and, in some cases, a combination of metals. The Dental Implants Overdentures is supported by two Dental Implants on the lower Jaw and four Dental Implants in the upper. There are two type of Implant Over-Dentures:

Implant Dentures

Picture Of Dental Implants Denture Lower Teeth

1) Bar Implant Over-Denture: After Placing Dental Implants a mold is taken of the Implant Position and sent to the dental laboratory. A metal bar is made that screw into the implants and splints them together; the denture then clips on to the metal bar

2) Locator Implant Over-Denture: After Placing your Implants special parts called locator abutments are order to screw into the Dental Implants. A dental mold is taken of the locator abutments sent to the lab to begin the process of making the dentures that snap onto the implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants OverDentures

  1. Eat Better Implant Over-Denture snaps into place.
  2. Speak Better due to palate of denture is removed.
  3. Taste food better due to exposed palate.
  4. Smile with confidence Implant Over-Denture won’t fall out.
  5. No sore spot due to less rubbing on gums.
  6. Less Expensive Then fixed full arch of Dental Implants.
  7. Lose the Glue, No Need for denture adhesive.
  8. Feel And Look Younger when Dentures are correctly made they will support your lips and cheeks to smooth out your wrinkles.

Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures

Upper Arch Dental Implant Over-Denture

Which Dental Implants Overdentures are better?

At Bright Smile Design Dental New York we have experience that the Locator Over-Denture is better.

  • Easier to clean due to no bar in the way.
  • Cost effective.
  • Stronger Denture.
  • Food Taste Better With No Plastic Covering.

How Much Are Dental Implants Dentures?

The cost of dental implant dentures depend on the amount of implants used and type of denture is used. Get your personalized dental implant quote with your free dental implant consultation with our dental implant dentist.

Missing Teeth, What to Do?

If you are missing all of your teeth, in the past there was only one option was available to the restore your ability chew and smile and that was a complete denture. Now with Dental Implants there are many options available depending on how much bone you have available for dental implants. As a Dentist it brings me great pleasure to be able to offer my patients in Manhattan and Brooklyn several dental Implant options to help them eat and smile again. Patient now can get dental implants placed and have a Dental Implant Retained fixed (non removable) Teeth or a Dental Implant Over-Denture. To see what option fits your budget give a call at 212.725.2002 for our Midtown New York location or 718.615.2272 for our Brooklyn New York location. In this I will be discussing Implant Over-Denture.

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