Brooklyn Laser Dentist

LANAP Periodontal Regeneration / Laser Gum Surgery.

Brooklyn Laser Dentist performing the LANAP procedure helps to heal periodontal gum disease effected gums by disinfecting the gums from the bacteria that causes periodontal gum disease. Then the laser seals off the pocket from the outside environment and allows the gum, bone and ligaments to heal and regenerate over time. The LANAP / Laser gum surgery procedure is for patient that have moderate to severe periodontal gum disease. Some of the symptoms for the need for LANAP are bleeding gums, swollen gums, loose teeth, and bad breath.

Call the Brooklyn Laser Dentist at Bright Smile Design Dental for your LANAP consultation at 212.725.2002 for Manhattan or 718.615.2272 for Brooklyn.

Laser Gum Surgery

LAPIP Laser Assisted Peri Implantitis Procedure.

If you have a failing dental implant LAPIP is a non-invasive laser procedure which can help save your dental implant. It disinfects the implant as well as the gum tissue around to allow for bone growth to stabilize the implant. LAPIP is a one visit laser procedure which is more cost effective and time efficient rather than removing the implant and grafting the site, then placing a new dental implant, then a new abutment and implant crown, which takes several months. Call our Brooklyn laser dentist to see if we can save your implant at (212) 725 2002 for Manhattan or (718) 615-2272.

Laser Gum Lift / Laser Gum Contouring.

Some patients suffer from excessive gum tissue that is uneven or rests too low on their teeth. As a result, they may have what some call a “gummy” smile, making the teeth look small and the smile uneven. Fortunately, gum contouring can be used to alter the gum line, making it more even and aesthetically pleasing. Using advanced laser dental techniques, using a laser Dr. Lezhansky can quickly and carefully reshape your gums, creating a more balanced, and youthful-looking smile.

Laser Gum Bleaching / Laser Gum Depigmentation

Some patients have dark spots on the gum tissue that is noticeable when smile due to the uneven color of the gum tissue. Using a dental laser we remove the dark spots and create an even more beautiful smile by giving you a more consistent color of your gum. With the laser there is no cutting so there is little or no down time, post op pain can usually be managed by OTC mediations.

Call the Brooklyn Laser Dentist at Bright Smile Design Dental for your Laser Gum Bleaching consultation at 212.725.2002 for Manhattan or 718.615.2272 for Brooklyn.

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