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How Can LANAP Laser Treatment Save My Teeth?

If someone told you that you can use a laser to save your teeth, you would probably laugh at them and think they have been watching too many science fiction movies. What if your doctor told you that it’s possible and that it is less painful then the same procedure without a Dental Laser? You would probably have some questions.

There are many dental and medical lasers on the market that perform different functions. All lasers have their benefits for certain procedure and take the medical and dental treatments into the future. However, right now there is only one that has research in laser dentistry to save teeth and it is LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) developed by Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc. LANAP Laser Treatment  is a surgical therapy that is intended to work through regeneration rather than resection.

The LANAP Laser Gum Treatment protocol kills the bacteria that cause the gum disease. The dental laser opens a pathway into the gum using laser energy and at the same time specifically targets the bad bacteria that cause gum disease. Then we need to clean off all the hard calculus from the root surface and use the Dental Laser to seal up the pocket using a special setting. Now, you are asking “ok so what exactly make this laser amazing?” – well you DIDN’T read the word CUT, SEW, SUTURES, SCAPEL. If that’s not reason enough to be amazed by this dental laser, then what if I tell you, it can grow new attachments between your gum and teeth and help you save your teeth? Your gums will recede much less, you DON’T have to stop your medications, you will experience less discomfort during and after the procedure because there will no sutures in your mouth, LANAP gives better, longer-lasting results and these are just few of the reasons.

I have been using this Dental Laser in my Brooklyn NY and Midtown Manhattan practice for over a month and the clinical results have been stellar, but more importantly the patient satisfaction is off the charts! During my first case with the laser, I explained to the patient about gum disease and how we can help with the laser, so he agreed to try this procedure. On the day of the first laser treatment, I could see the patient was scared and worried. When we were done he still didn’t completely understand how he was going to feel the next day. When he came in for his follow up appointment he was amazed at how great he felt. He said he was about a 2, let me repeat that, I said 2 on a scale of 1-10… 1 being the no pain. He said he was feeling… 2 after Gum SURGERY. When he came for his second laser treatment he couldn’t wait to get into the chair to have it done.

Just the other day, I had patient on whom I performed traditional flap surgery about 4 months ago and he wasn’t that excited to get the other side done. I told him about the new laser alternative to the last surgery. It took some convincing but he came in and had the Laser Gum Surgery done on the other side. He was floored on what a difference the laser made in the treatment. He was willing to have the other side treated again with the laser.

So if you want to set up a consultation for the LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) with our Laser Dentist In Midtown NYC or Brooklyn, NY location Call Now at (212) 725-2002 or send us a message.

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