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Chipped Tooth

Chipped or Cracked Teeth Can Be Treated in a Variety of Ways

Cosmetic Dentist helps Chipped or Cracked Teeth. Depending on the severity of a patient’s cracked or chipped tooth, different levels of treatment might be required. In other words, each cracked or chipped tooth is different and what appears to be one thing when the patient looks at it might appear to be something else when […]


Dr. Lezhansky Provides a Wide Range of Services

In this dental practice we provide many services from root canal procedures to LANAP laser gum therapy to implant placement. These services include a very wide spectrum of specialty areas and so we rarely need to refer our patients to other specialists for a particular service. Although we are considered a general dental practice, the […]

Implant Dentist Brooklyn: Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Maybe you were in a car accident that knocked out one or more of your teeth. Perhaps you fell, or your toddler accidentally hit you in the face with a toy and a tooth was completely dislodged. Or maybe your oral health isn’t in the best condition and you are missing – or on the cusp […]


What “Same-Day Dental Implants” Really Means

“Same-day dental implants” may sound like a procedure that a patient can have completed in one day. While a portion of the dental implant treatment does occur in one day, and you will never be without a complete smile throughout the treatment, there is a significant amount of prep work that must happen first. You will, however, […]

Dr. Lezhansky Is a Scientist with an Artist’s Eye

Dentist in Manhattan and Brooklyn provides porcelain veneers that transmit light from the teeth beneath them and perfectly match teeth colors. In order to do good dentistry we need to know the science and technology behind what we are doing, and we must also be able to perfectly match the color of the restoration to […]

Tooth Colored Fillings Preserve Healthy Teeth

Dr. Alexander Lezhansky uses tooth colored fillings that keep the healthy part of the tooth intact and create a pleasing esthetic result. In modern dentistry we now have tooth colored fillings, which are great for when patients have big, open-wide smiles when they laugh. Imagine going out to a party and having a great time […]

Fixing a Gummy Smile Has Instantaneous Results

Dr. Lezhansky fixes gummy smiles quickly and easily with lasers, producing instantaneous results that a patient can be proud of when they smile. Fixing a gummy smile can be achieved relatively simply and have dramatic, instant results. We call it a “gummy smile” because too much of a person’s gum shows while smiling. Both the […]

Invisalign Makes Brushing and Flossing with Braces Easy

Dr. Lezhansky talks explains that the Invisalign orthodontic system prevents cavities because patients remove aligners to brush and floss. With conventional braces the wires are in the way and prevent normal brushing and flossing. The gums can get inflamed where the patient has not been able to brush and floss effectively. When that happens cavities […]

Root Canal Therapy Saves a Tooth

Bright Smile Design Dental in Brooklyn and Manhattan performs root canal treatment on infected nerves while saving the natural tooth. On the outside a tooth is very hard, which protects the nerve and the blood supply. When there is a cavity sometimes it gets so deep that it affects that nerve and blood supply, and […]

Implant Dentist Brooklyn Fellowship

Dr. Lezhansky receives Implant Dentist Fellowship Dr. Alexander Lezhansky of Brooklyn, NY earned his Fellowship status in The International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) on July 16, 2016. The awarding of Fellowship status is an honor which a professional society such as the ICOI bestows on a dental professional involved in dental implant treatment. The ICOI has […]

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