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CAN PORCELAIN VENEERS BE REMOVED? Veneers can be removed by shaving them off which is the same process as when you initially had them done. If the teeth were shaved down underneath then something needs to be replace the veneers that were removed with a new veneer, composite bonding or a crown. You would need to […]

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CAN PORCELAIN VENEERS BE WHITENED? Porcelain Veneers don’t change color like natural teeth or composite filling. You should think of the material which veneers are made of like an expensive fine china plate or coffee cup in essence it is the same material so therefore they can’t be stained or whitened. So when choosing a color […]



Many People struggle with a lack of confidence because of an unattractive smile as a cosmetic dentist I will give you the smile of your dream and restore your confidence. DR ALEXANDER LEZHANSKY DDS ANSWERS QUESTION THAT MANY PATIENT ASK ABOUT PERMANENT PORCELAIN VENEERS Q AND A CAN PORCELAIN VENEERS BE WHITENED? Porcelain Veneers don’t […]

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When Adult Teeth Do Not Form Behind Baby Teeth

Once in a while a human being grows into adulthood without their adult teeth coming in and pushing out their baby teeth, which is a genetic condition. This is not a situation where the adult teeth have developed but have not descended; it is a situation where the adult teeth have not developed and only […]


Dental Implants Have Tremendous Success Rates

These days implant procedures are much more predictable than the results were ten or fifteen years ago. Now we have a 98% success rate with dental implant placement, which makes patients much more comfortable going into the procedure than they could have been with the lack of predictability years ago.Patients sometimes hear about a friend’s […]

Patient Receives Replacement Tooth Immediately

Placing an implant successfully in the esthetic zone in the front of the mouth depends greatly on the dentist’s ability to properly match the color of the surrounding teeth. We do this on a regular basis—but one story stands out because it was so timely in many ways. A woman in her 50’s was at […]

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Dentures Replaced with Implants and Fixed Porcelain Prosthesis

A remarkable story of a patient in her older years is that of a woman about 76 years of age who came in with dentures that were literally broken in half. She had been attempting to keep them together with denture glue, which of course was not sufficient for living a comfortable lifestyle. This patient […]


Digital Dentistry and Regrowing Teeth with Stem Cells

One of the exciting innovations that is on the horizon in dentistry is digital dentistry—taking impressions of a patient’s dentition with a scanner and being able to make a tooth from that scan right away. It really is a wonderful time to be a dentist and I love presenting patients with new, excellent options as […]


Learning is a Life-Long Goal and Pleasure

Giving back to my community is important to me and that is one way in which I am committed to continuing education—I volunteer my time at NYU as a clinical instructor. Having volunteer instructors spend their time with me when I was a dental student added a great deal to my education experience and skill […]


Replacing a Missing Tooth is Accomplished in Phases

Patients are understandably a bit nervous about the prospect of having teeth extracted, and there are several things I do as a dentist to help them remain comfortable throughout the entire procedure. All of us here in the practice have the patient’s comfort as our highest priority, so we offer words of comfort in addition […]

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