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Periodontal Disease

Dr. Lezhansky explains how systemic diseases are affected by poor oral hygiene when bacteria in the mouth travel in the bloodstream throughout the body. Oral hygiene is actually a predictor of good health. The better a patient’s oral hygiene, the better their general health will probably be, and if oral hygiene is poor, then a health condition can become worse Read full story »

Root Canal Therapy Saves a Tooth

On the outside a tooth is very hard, which protects the nerve and the blood supply. When there is a cavity sometimes it gets so deep that it affects that nerve and blood supply, and that causes pain. Read full story »

Invisalign Makes Brushing and Flossing with Braces Easy

The major difference between an Invisalign treatment and conventional orthodontics is that if you have traditional braces there are big metal brackets and wires showing when you smile.Invisalign is nearly invisible. The other advantage to Invisalign is that a patient’s oral hygiene is so much better, because the patient removes the aligners to brush and floss normally Read full story »

​Fixing a Gummy Smile Has Instantaneous Results

Fixing a gummy smile can be achieved relatively simply and have dramatic, instant results. We call it a “gummy smile” because too much of a person’s gum shows while smiling. Most of the time a person considers a smile to Read full story »

Tooth Colored Fillings Preserve Healthy Teeth

In modern dentistry we now have tooth colored fillings, which are great for when patients have big, open-wide smiles when they laugh. Imagine going out to a party and having a great time while photos are being taken Read full story »

Dr. Lezhansky Is a Scientist with an Artist’s Eye

In order to do good dentistry we need to know the science and technology behind what we are doing, and we must also be able to perfectly match the color of the restoration to the patient’s other teeth. With an artist’s eye, a good dentist can match everything to enhance the Read full story »

Veneers Can Quickly Produce a Hollywood Smile

For the patient who feels their front teeth are not aligned as well as they would like, having veneers applied can have an orthodontic affect. We might call this process “instant orthodontics,” compared to most orthodontic Read full story »

Zirconia E-MAX Crowns Offer Patients Great Benefits

After dental implants are placed, the crown that looks like the tooth is permanently secured on top of it. For many years traditional crowns were made of porcelain fused to metal, called a PFM crown. In our practice we now offer a variety of advantageous options to patients. Crowns look very natural today, which is very important in the front of the mouth Read full story »

Dr. Alexander Lezhansky DDS Explains the LAPIP

Occasionally a dental implant is threatened when the gum tissue around it becomes infected and inflamed. The modern way of treating peri-implantitis is the Laser-Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure (LAPIP). This phenomenal procedure saves the implant and also saves the patient time. Read full story »

Healthy Gums are Not Affected by Laser Dentistry

Modern periodontal treatment includes the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, or LANAP, to treat gum disease very effectively. This procedure replaces the previous osseous surgery where the surgeon would cut into the gums, Read full story »

Dr. Lezhansky Discusses Patient Comfort with LANAP

From a patient comfort point of view, the experience of having the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is better than traditional periodontal surgery because we are not cutting away the gums. For one thing, with LANAP, Read full story »

​Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime

The major benefit of dental implants is prevention of significant bone resorption, because in the first year after losing a tooth we lose about 1-2mm of bone buccally (the side that faces the cheek) and possibly even on the occlusal surface (the top horizontal plane Read full story »

​Single Front Tooth Dental Implant and Gum Grafting

One of the great things about dental implants is that we have created a gold standard, using a dental implant to replace just one tooth. In the past we created a bridge that crossed over the void and was secured to the adjacent teeth. Read full story »

Dental Implants Help Create Strong Jawbones

It has been said that patients who have a conventional lower denture, not secured by dental implants, have never been 100% happy with it.The reason for this dissatisfaction is that the lower denture usually has very few points of support Read full story »

Replacing a Missing Tooth With a Dental Implant

Our teeth are constantly moving. If someone is missing just one tooth in the back of their mouth, where it is not noticeable, problems can occur if that tooth is not replaced with a dental implant. If we do not have another tooth Read full story »

Many Patients are Now Candidates for Dental Implants

New materials in the practice of dentistry help to create a stable platform for dental implants. Previously, knowing how a material would react with the patient’s condition was not as predictable as it is today. The materials we have on hand now are more predictable. Read full story »

Digital X-Rays Have Many Benefits

At Bright Smile Design Dental in New York we use digital imaging that produces instantaneous results during the patient’s visit. We produce both intraoral and panoramic x-rays Read full story »

Teeth in a Day is Great Option for Implant Patients

For some patients who are missing teeth, it is possible for them to leave our office with what are called Teeth in a Day. In very basic terms, we prepare teeth before we extract the patient’s teeth that are in poor condition and cannot be saved, and then we place implants at the same time Read full story »

Dental Implants Restore the Oral Health of Seniors

Aging isn’t easy, but it can be done gracefully if you are aware of the problems that could affect you before they occur, at least where oral health is concerned. Knowing the warning signs of age-related oral health problems is a key to prevention, as is keeping up with twice-yearly visits to your dentist for a dental exam and professional teeth cleaning. Read full story »

6 Unexpected Benefits of Dental Implants

Visit your implant dentist Brooklyn to find out how dental implants can work for your smile. Read full story »

Fight the Signs of Aging with Dental Implants

Oral health contributes to the look of aging. Your Implant Dentist Brooklyn can help. Read full story »

What "Same-Day Dental Implants" Really Means

Visit your implant Dentist Brooklyn to understand the same-day dental implant procedure and whether it’s right for you. Read full story »

Implant Dentist Brooklyn: Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Dental implants are better than dentures, but the two can work in tandem to create your smile makeover. Learn more from implant dentist Brooklyn, Bright Smile Design Dental. Read full story »

Implant Dentist Brooklyn Fellowship

Implant Dentist Brooklyn Fellowship has been awarded to Brooklyn cosmetic dentist Dr. Alex Lezhansky. This prestigious award is presented from the ICOI. Read full story »

Laser Dentistry in NYC Helping Save Teeth

If someone told you that you can use a laser to save your teeth, you would probably laugh at them and think they have been watching too many science fiction movies. What if your doctor told you that it's possible and that it is less painful then the same procedure without a Dental Laser? You would probably have some questions. Read full story »

Helping with common dental problems

Brushing around them doesn’t help, flossing doesn’t help, and even after your regular dental cleaning they are still red, itchy and irritated. Read full story »

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