Zirconia E-MAX Crowns Offer Patients Great Benefits

Zirconia E-MAX Crowns Offer Patients Great Benefits Dr. Lezhansky talks about the translucency of E-MAX crowns for the front teeth, and zirconia crowns that contain no metal. After dental implants are placed, the crown that looks like the tooth is permanently secured on top of it. For many years traditional crowns were made of porcelain […]

Veneers Can Quickly Produce a Hollywood Smile

Veneers Can Quickly Produce a Hollywood Smile For the patient who feels their front teeth are not aligned as well as they would like, having veneers applied can have an orthodontic affect. We might call this process “instant orthodontics,” compared to most orthodontic cases that would require braces or Invisalign over a period of 12 […]

Periodontal Disease

Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Joint Problems Linked to Periodontal Disease Dr. Lezhansky explains how systemic diseases are affected by poor oral hygiene when bacteria in the mouth travel in the bloodstream throughout the body. Periodontal (gum) disease is linked to other systemic diseases, which is why oral health is an essential part of overall health […]

Being a Successful Dentist Goes Beyond Dentistry

Being a Successful Dentist Goes Beyond Dentistry My passion for dentistry really began with my father being a dentist—with me watching everything he did. He was a dentist back in Russia and then also practiced as a dentist here in the U.S. after immigrating. Here at Bright Smile Design Dental we have that synergy as […]

Implant Dentist Brooklyn: Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Maybe you were in a car accident that knocked out one or more of your teeth. Perhaps you fell, or your toddler accidentally hit you in the face with a toy and a tooth was completely dislodged. Or maybe your oral health isn’t in the best condition and you are missing – or on the cusp […]


What “Same-Day Dental Implants” Really Means

“Same-day dental implants” may sound like a procedure that a patient can have completed in one day. While a portion of the dental implant treatment does occur in one day, and you will never be without a complete smile throughout the treatment, there is a significant amount of prep work that must happen first. You will, however, […]

Dr. Lezhansky Is a Scientist with an Artist’s Eye

Dentist in Manhattan and Brooklyn provides porcelain veneers that transmit light from the teeth beneath them and perfectly match teeth colors. In order to do good dentistry we need to know the science and technology behind what we are doing, and we must also be able to perfectly match the color of the restoration to […]

Tooth Colored Fillings Preserve Healthy Teeth

Dr. Alexander Lezhansky uses tooth colored fillings that keep the healthy part of the tooth intact and create a pleasing esthetic result. In modern dentistry we now have tooth colored fillings, which are great for when patients have big, open-wide smiles when they laugh. Imagine going out to a party and having a great time […]

Fixing a Gummy Smile Has Instantaneous Results

Dr. Lezhansky fixes gummy smiles quickly and easily with lasers, producing instantaneous results that a patient can be proud of when they smile. Fixing a gummy smile can be achieved relatively simply and have dramatic, instant results. We call it a “gummy smile” because too much of a person’s gum shows while smiling. Both the […]

Invisalign Makes Brushing and Flossing with Braces Easy

Dr. Lezhansky talks explains that the Invisalign orthodontic system prevents cavities because patients remove aligners to brush and floss. With conventional braces the wires are in the way and prevent normal brushing and flossing. The gums can get inflamed where the patient has not been able to brush and floss effectively. When that happens cavities […]

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