Dr. Lezhansky Is a Scientist with an Artist’s Eye

Dentist in Manhattan and Brooklyn provides porcelain veneers that transmit light from the teeth beneath them and perfectly match teeth colors.

In order to do good dentistry we need to know the science and technology behind what we are doing, and we must also be able to perfectly match the color of the restoration to the patient’s other teeth. With an artist’s eye, a good dentist can match everything to enhance the patient’s smile.

Veneers are wonderful, but many times when a tooth is severely broken down the veneer would not have enough tooth structure to attach properly. In that case the solution would be attachment of a crown that can more completely form a support with the tooth so that the tooth does not break further in the future.

If the tooth is significantly discolored, or if it has a significant amount of amalgam or an old filling around it, then a veneer would not be the solution because a veneer by nature transmits light. A veneer shows the color of the tooth beneath it.

In the old days people talked about having their teeth capped, and they were referring to what we call crowns. A cap is the same as a crown–you put a cap on top of your head or you put a cap on top of your tooth. When a patient has their teeth capped it improves the esthetics of the teeth, and this treatment also helps hold the tooth together if it has been severely compromised.

Crowns are extremely customized restorations. To do a crown we have to prepare the surface by shaving down the tooth to the extent that we can place 0.5 millimeters of metal and one millimeter of porcelain on the surface. If we are doing all ceramic crowns then there would be no metal, and there would simply be the one millimeter of porcelain.

Each tooth we design is customized to that particular patient to match all the other teeth. We can produce a completely new smile for our patients.Our goal is to deliver a pleasing result for the patient.

Dr. Alexander Lezhansky

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