Zirconia E-MAX Crowns Offer Patients Great Benefits

Zirconia E-MAX Crowns Offer Patients Great Benefits

Dr. Lezhansky talks about the translucency of E-MAX crowns for the front teeth, and zirconia crowns that contain no metal.

After dental implants are placed, the crown that looks like the tooth is permanently secured on top of it. For many years traditional crowns were made of porcelain fused to metal, called a PFM crown. In our practice we now offer a variety of advantageous options to patients. Crowns look very natural today, which is very important in the front of the mouth.

Zirconia crowns are just as strong but significantly more esthetic and also healthier for the gums. Zirconiais one of the few materials that gum tissue will actually attach itself to, which helps create a healthy environment for the teeth and the gums. We also offer E-MAX crowns for anterior teeth, and we also use veneers.

E-MAX crowns are particularly nice for esthetic areas, such as the front of the mouth. Zirconia crowns are milled, as a single block of zirconia. E-MAX crowns actually transmit light through themselves better than the zirconia, so the patient gets the color of their own tooth shining through. These crowns look even more natural in the esthetic zone.

Conventional PFM crowns tend to light up in certain situations, for example in a night club, which is why we tend to only use them in the back of the mouth. The translucency of the E-MAX crowns make them a safe choice esthetically for any social situation. They blend in beautifully with the surrounding natural teeth and help the patient smile confidently.

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