Many Patients are Now Candidates for Dental Implants

Many Patients are Now Candidates for Dental Implants

Manhattan and Brooklyn dentist Dr. Alexander Lezhansky explains how dental implants are 98% successful with advancements in materials and bone grafting.

New materials in the practice of dentistry help to create a stable platform for dental implants. Previously, knowing how a material would react with the patient’s condition was not as predictable as it is today. The materials we have on hand now are more predictable.

While the concept of dental implants is about replacing teeth, it is actually the amount of bone and the quality of bone that make the implants possible for the patient. Even if you have a lot of bone, if the bone is very poor quality the implant might not stay in place.

Over the years the general success rate of implants has improved greatly. Today about 98% of dental implants are successful. With bone grafting sometimes the predictability is bit lower, because there are two things that need to work together—the bone graft and the implants. The predictability of bone grafts is in the 85-90% range. The predictability of implants succeeding is about 98%, which is tremendous.

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