Digital X-Rays Have Many Benefits

Digital X-Rays Have Many Benefits

Dr. Alexander Lezhansky at Bright Smile Design Dental in Manhattan and Brooklyn talks about the advantages of digital imaging.

At Bright Smile Design Dental in New York we use digital imaging that produces instantaneous results during the patient’s visit. We produce both intraoral and panoramic x-rays.The speed with which the image comes up is an advantage because we do not have to wait for anything to be developed, which was one of the limitations of traditional film x-rays. Our carbon footprint is also reduced.

The quality of the digital image is exceptional in terms of details. We are able to sharpen the image digitally—which of course could not be done with traditional film x-rays. Another advantage is that there is perhaps one quarter of the amount of radiation for the patient compared to traditional dental x-rays.

We do not only use x-rays to find cavities. Diagnostically, especially when we are dealing with implant dentistry, we use digital x-rays to see the bone level as it relates to the teeth. This information is a key aspect for properly placing dental implants. It is also very important to see the bone level when assessing a periodontal condition, and digital x-rays give us this critical information.

Another advantage to the patient of having modern digital equipment here in the office is that we can show the patient the digital x-rays right away for teaching purposes. The images pop-up instantaneously on the screen at the patient’s chair so we can discuss everything.

Another advantage of digital x-rays is that they are safer for the environment. Old fashioned x-rays had a plastic covering and a metal strip inside, and there were chemicals used for developing the film. There is none of that kind of waste with digital imaging. On the whole, digital imaging is much kinder to the environment.

Patients really like having the digital images as opposed to the old fashioned x-rays.

Dr. Alexander Lezhansky

Bright Smile Design Dental

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