Dentures Replaced with Implants and Fixed Porcelain Prosthesis

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A remarkable story of a patient in her older years is that of a woman about 76 years of age who came in with dentures that were literally broken in half. She had been attempting to keep them together with denture glue, which of course was not sufficient for living a comfortable lifestyle. This patient had a friend who had received dental implants and this new patient of mine did her research online and came to me based on reviews she read from that patient and others. My new patient knew that she wanted dental implants when she came for her consultation.

Here at Bright Smile Design Dental our solution was what we refer to as a “fixed full porcelain prosthesis.” Previously no practitioner had fully explained to this patient what her options were for replacing teeth. Over the years, as she encountered dental problems she would have a tooth extracted and then added to her dentures.

Unfortunately, this patient had experienced much gum loss over time, so the solution we needed to provide for her would replace gum as well as teeth. First we needed to help the patient heal. We fitted her with a new denture so that she could function; she was so excited that she finally had new teeth that she could smile and eat with—which was just a preview of the benefits she would enjoy when all treatment was completed.

We provided the patient with dental implants that amounted to six on top and four on the bottom, upon which a full porcelain one-piece prosthesis screwed down to the implants and replaced both the lost gum tissue and teeth. The patient was completely delighted with her ability to finally eat and smile again as she did was she was a young woman in her 20’s.

Dr. Alexander Lezhansky

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