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Invisalign ® has revolutionized the way you can straighten your teeth by using the newest technology for clear braces. Invisalign invisible braces have made orthodontics more suitable for adults who want straight teeth with a busy lifestyle and are unable to compromise on the esthetics offered by the old fashioned style of metal wire braces. With Invisalign invisible braces all types of crooked teeth can be treated such as simple orthodontic relapse, cross bite, open bite, class 2 overbite, gaps between teeth, crowded teeth and many more. Most orthodontic problems can be treated with Invisalign invisible braces for teeth.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign Clear Aligner Video How Invisalign Works

Using the lastest technology in clear aligners therapy Invisalign gradually moves your teeth using an advance computer guided program that uses a 3-D model to stage each position your teeth from crooked to straight. Then a set of clear aligners are created which are an exact match to each 3-D model of your teeth. With ever clear aligner precise pressure is applied specifically and only to the teeth are to be aligned. Each clear aligner is numbered and is switched out every two weeks for the next numbered invisible aligner. Invisalign use the technology like IPR, attachment or button, and elastic to enable the straightening of your teeth to the desired result.

Benefits Of Invisalign Compared To Traditional Brace.

  • Invisible To The Eye.
  • Brush and Floss Normally.
  • Less Pain Then Traditional Orthodontics.
  • Less Chance Of Cavities.
  • Usually Quicker Treatment Time.
  • Fewer Visits To The Dental Office For Adjustments.

Invisalign Treatment Timeline.

When you are ready to get started with Invisalign Dr Lezhansky will explain all the detail of your individual case, these are the general steps involved in the Invisalign ® process.

  1. First visit Orthodontic records will be taken for submission Impression, Photos, and Xrays.
  2. Second Visit the set of clear aligners will be ready at this time any IPR and Buttons will be done.
  3. All following visits will usually be spaced approximately 2 month apart, this is when you will receive clear aligners and your progress will be monitored.
  4. Final Visit when you are happy with the result final preparation will be done for your retainers such as removal of buttons, any cosmetic or restorative needs, this is done so when the impression for the retainer are made to be precise to your teeth.

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