Veneers Can Quickly Produce a Hollywood Smile

Veneers Can Quickly Produce a Hollywood Smile

For the patient who feels their front teeth are not aligned as well as they would like, having veneers applied can have an orthodontic affect. We might call this process “instant orthodontics,” compared to most orthodontic cases that would require braces or Invisalign over a period of 12 to 18 months.

With the veneers we can accomplish that orthodontic effect in about two weeks. In one visit we get the teeth ready for veneers and in the second visit we affix the veneers to the teeth. With teeth that are slightly crooked, or even very crooked, we can give you the appearance of having straight teeth.

If the situation is such that we only need to do minimal corrections we could use the technique known as a non-prep veneer, which spares the teeth from having to be shaved down significantly. We prepare the teeth by doing a light brushing in order to remove sharp angles. The veneers are about three millimeters in thickness and they require so little removal of the tooth structure that we can practically put them on top of your own teeth. The results are a Hollywood smile–your permanent teeth look white and straight.

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