Dental Implants Have Tremendous Success Rates


These days implant procedures are much more predictable than the results were ten or fifteen years ago. Now we have a 98% success rate with dental implant placement, which makes patients much more comfortable going into the procedure than they could have been with the lack of predictability years ago.
Patients sometimes hear about a friend’s bad experience with implants from when the profession first began placing implants. Today, with dental advancements, it is worthwhile for a patient to revisit the subject with their dentist and have a consultation about how dental implants can change their lives.

After I place implants for my patients—particularly those who have lived with dentures that were uncomfortable for quite a while—they often explain that they cannot believe they waited so long to have their implants done. They regret having listened to their friend or family member who shared their bad implant experience with them and frightened them away from considering implant dentistry for themselves.

The reality is that placing dental implants today is a streamlined and comfortable experience. Being a patient with implants is transformative—lifestyles are greatly improved and patients are delighted with the results.

There are a variety of ways implants are used in dentistry. For example, on the bottom jaw it is possible to place just two implants and then enjoy a denture that is permanently screwed into place on those two implants to provide a very stable and comfortable functionality for the patient. There is no worry about the denture coming out accidentally when they are affixed to dental implants. Those dentures stay put and lives are completely transformed because implant supported teeth are so much like having natural teeth and there is no special care needed to maintain oral health beyond what the patient is expected to do all year long to care for their natural teeth.

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