Laser Lip Angioma Removal

Laser Removal Of A Lip Angioma.

When you have an angioma on your lip and what it removed you have several options Laser Lip Angioma Removal.

1.Cut it off

2. Freeze it off

3. Laser it off.

4.Burn it off.

None of these procedure sound fun, however when the angioma becomes bothersome you want it removed. All of the procedures will require some numbing medication and 3 of the procedures will leave some sort of scar. Only the laser will leave no trace of the angioma in about a week. So, no scars or pain afterwards one appointment and you are done. So, call to set up an appointment 212 725 2002. The other benefits of have the angioma removed by laser is that there is no need to stop any medication, since we are not cutting the skin. There is no bleeding of stitches needed, Click here to see what other procedures our laser can help with.
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Dental Implants Cosmetic LANAP Invisalign and Holistic Dentist! Laser Dentist Laser Lip Angioma Removal

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