Teeth In A Day Dental Implants

Teeth In A Day Dental Implants

When was the last time you were able to bit into an apple without worrying if you will break a tooth or your denture? We can help, with teeth in a day dental implants you will be on your way to getting a new set of teeth that you can use to bite into that apple again.

Done In One™

Done In One™ is the only procedure to deliver a final and permanent implant supported hybrid bridge, in 72 hours following surgery.

This revolutionary procedure helps those suffering from ill-fitting dentures, dental disease, failing or missing teeth with a revolutionary full mouth reconstruction in just two days!

This cutting edge technology combined with our specialized team of board certified surgeons with multi-years of experience in implant surgery, allows us to deliver your first and final permanent implant teeth in about 72hours following surgery. No temporary teeth!

No Temporary

That’s right, no temporary dentures! We deliver your first and final teeth within 72 hours following surgery.

Most places claiming to offer teeth in a day and similar procedures such as all on four, hybrid, or real choice are only able to deliver a temporary plastic denture following surgery.

Watch our consumer alert video to learn more about these procedures.

Less Office Visits. More TimeDoing The Things You Love

With the Done In One™ procedure, two visits and you’re done! More time for you to spend doing the things you really care.

Traditional methods and older procedures can take up to 32 weeks to complete, resulting in endless visits to the dentist.

The Done In One Hybrid Bridge

The Done In One™ hybrid bridge is a custom milled nanoceramic bridge bonded to a custom milled titanium framework. This revolutionary material combines exceptional strength and unparalleled aesthetics

This cutting edge technology combined with our specialized team of board certified surgeons with multi-years of experience in implant surgery, allows us to deliver your first and final permanent teeth in about 72 hours following surgery. No temporary teeth!


Fastest, long-term solution to help you solve your dental problems


More than just a new beautiful set of implant teeth



It starts with a Free Consultation

The first step in every Done In One™ procedure is a free consultation where you will meet with our doctors and staff. They will discuss the entire process, financing options and determine a the right course of treatment for you

Planning your new 72 Hour Smile

You made the decision to get Done In One™. The process for your 72-hour smile transformation is now underway. Now the next step is planning the aesthetics of your smile! Initial records are taken, you will meet with our team to discuss smile design, tooth shape, size and color. We will take a 3D scan of your facial features to ensure the correct fit using space age facial recognition software.

Placing your Dental Implants

You’ve made it this far, now it’s time to get the implants in. Your comfort is our number one priority and our staff will do everything to ensure you’re relaxed during the process. At your consultation appointment you will discuss anesthesia and sedation options to ensure a comfortable process.

Custom milled and Digitally Designed

While you’re resting at home after implant placement, our team of highly skilled dental designers and master ceramists are hard at work creating your final hybrid bridge in our state of the art lab. In 24 hours, they will have finalized your computerized drawing and milled the titanium bar and the nano ceramic overlying teeth. Each are milled to fit perfectly within one another.

Delivering your final Implant Teeth

The time has come for you to meet your new smile. You’ll come in after 48 hours of resting the implants. We will place your final teeth, ensure the fit and aesthetics are perfect and your procedure is now complete!

A soft foods diet is necessary for weeks to months after having the procedure, but you will receive thorough instructions as to how to care for your new smile.

Call 718 615 2272 or 212 725 2002 for NYC to receive your complimentary consultation.

What Are Teeth In A Day Dental Implants?

When the teeth or denture you currently have are bad or not functioning the way you need them to, we replace them with a new set supported by dental implants. Dental implants are placed instead of your teeth, and the same day temporary teeth are delivered.

Teeth In A Day Dental Implants

What Is The Process For Teeth In A Day Dental Implants?

  1. A dental implant consult to see what type of implants are needed, if bone grafting is necessary and what type of teeth can be made. Call 718 615 2272 or 212 725 2002 for NYC to receive your complimentary consultation.
  2. Once the treatment plan is agreed upon temporary teeth are made.
  3. This is the day we replace your existing teeth with dental implants and your temporary teeth are delivered.
  4. Once the implants are integrated your permanent teeth are delivered usually 6 months for upper teeth and 3 months for lower teeth.

How Much Does Teeth In A Day Cost?

The cost is dependent on whether bone grafting is needed or a sinus lift is needed, or if ridge splinting is indicated the amount of implants also plays a role in the price of the treatment. The material used for the final teeth will be considered on the average the cost can range from $18,000 – $30,000.

Why Choose Us?

  • 10 Years of Implant Experience with over 600 implants placed.
  • Both surgical and teeth are done in the same office.
  • Convenient Locations Brooklyn dental office and Manhattan dental offices.
  • Reasonable Pricing.
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff and Dentist.

Dental Implant Problems and Complication.

  1. Nerve Damage – Numbness of the lip and tongue can occur if the dental implant placed in the lower jaw is too close to the mandibular nerve. This is a simple complication to avoid with the use of a CT Scan done before the dental implant surgery, the CT Scan will tell the exact distance we have to any vital structure and easily avoided.
  2. Peri –Implantitis – Is the infection of the implant from bacteria due improper oral hygiene, lack of regular dental cleanings and excess cement left below the gums. At Bright Smile Design Dental we can treat Peri Implantitis with the advanced procedure called LAPIP Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure using the Perio Lase Dental Laser which has revolutionized the treatment for failing implants.
  3. Lack Of Bone- In some cases the patient may not have enough bone in order to place a Dental Implant, however our implants dentist is trained in advanced bone grafting procedure which will enable most patient to get dental implants. These procedures include:
    • Sinus Lift when bone is lacking in height the upper jaw bone is added to the sinus to enable the placement of dental implants
    • Split Ridge technique is when bone is lacking in thickness we create a canal in the bone and create thickness in order to place the implant.
    • Block Grafting also when bone is lacking in thickness and the split ridge technique is not indicated we fixate a block of bone in order to gain thickness.

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