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Snoring is a big problem not only for the person that is sleeping next too, but more so for the person snoring. In many cases snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea which has many health problems associated with it the most severe would-be death. Since you already arrived at this page because you searched snoring treatments, I won’t bore you with information you already know what, why and how snoring affects you. So I will get down Stop Snoring Treatment to how we can help.

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Top 5 Stop Snoring Treatment

  1. Night Lase
  2. ProSomnus Mandibular Advancement Devices
  3. CPAP
  4. AMD Oral appliance
  5. Invisalign

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Stop Snoring Treatment Nightlase™

Nightlase™ is a fast, non-invasive, technique using Fotona Laser’s to increase the quality of a person’s sleep. Using a laser with a specially designed hand piece to warm, condition, strengthen, tighten, and shrink the parapharyngeal tissues causing snoring and sleep apnea problems. There is NO PAIN, NO SCALPELS, NO SUTURES, NO SCARRING of throat tissues as in other techniques. This procedure takes approximately 3 visits 3 weeks apart to get optimal results. Since we are not cutting, and tissue only tighten by “exercising” the tissue Maintenace is needed every 12 months or when you or your partners notices your snoring again. Usually only one appointment.

Nightlase™ is done as a standalone procedure that improves snoring but can be combined with other treatments like Mandibular Advancement Devices, CPAP, AMD Oral appliance and Invisalign.

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Stop Snoring Treatment ProSomnus

Wearing the ProSomnus device (like a mouthguard for your upper and lower jaw) holds your lower jaw gently forward and opens the airway in the back of your throat. This makes it less likely that the air to causes snoring and your breathing flows more easily. Most snorers have sleep apnea, but a few do not. This treatment is very effective for both sleep apnea and snoring.

Stop Snoring Treatment Mandibular Advancement Devices

Helping patients who suffer from sleep-disordered breathing, the TAP 3 TL is part of the TAP family of appliances for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Based on the same principle as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the TAP (Thornton Adjustable Positioner) was designed to keep the airway open to allow for air to pass. A constricted or collapsed airway causes snoring and OSA. The TAP device holds the lower jaw in a forward position, maintaining a clear airway to reduce snoring and improve breathing.

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Stop Snoring Treatment CPAP

We don’t do this but for your knowledge CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is a machine that uses mild air pressure to keep breathing airways open while you sleep. Your healthcare provider may prescribe CPAP to treat sleep-related breathing disorders including sleep apnea. CPAP also may treat preterm infants who have underdeveloped lungs.

Stop Snoring Treatment AMD Airway-Centered Mouth Doctor Oral appliance

Slowed down by chronic health problems that have seemed impervious to treatment; if you grind your teeth in your sleep; if you have sleep apnea or snore; it’s quite likely that your mouth’s structure may be a contributing factor. Adult Palatal Expansion is beneficial for adults.

An Airway-Centered Mouth Doctor like Dr Alexander Lezhansky can tell you if that is indeed the case and – most importantly – address any structural impairments and refer you to appropriate health professionals as part of your overall wellness plan.

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The Theory behind invisalign helping with snoring is that due to crowding of teeth there is not enough room for your tongue in your mouth. Invisalign can widen the arch to create more space for the tongue along with myofunctional therapy will help reduce the severity of the snoring.

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Some things you can do at home.

Lifestyle and home remedies
  1. If you’re overweight, lose weight
  2. Sleep on your side.
  3. Raise the head of your bed.
  4. Nasal strips or an external nasal dilator.
  5. Treat nasal congestion or obstruction.
  6. Limit or avoid alcohol and sedatives.
  7. Quit smoking.
  8. Get enough sleep.

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