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LANAP Treatment: A Revolutionary Approach to Gum Disease

Oral health is an essential aspect of overall well-being, and gum disease remains a prevalent issue affecting millions of people worldwide. Traditionally, treating gum disease involved invasive procedures, causing discomfort and longer recovery times. However, with advancements in dentistry, a groundbreaking treatment called LANAP (Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure) has emerged as a more efficient, minimally […]

COSMETIC DENTIST PORCELAIN VENEERS Dental Implants Cosmetic LANAP Invisalign and Holistic Dentist!


CAN PORCELAIN VENEERS BE REMOVED? Veneers can be removed by shaving them off which is the same process as when you initially had them done. If the teeth were shaved down underneath then something needs to be replace the veneers that were removed with a new veneer, composite bonding or a crown. You would need to […]


What “Same-Day Dental Implants” Really Means

“Same-day dental implants” may sound like a procedure that a patient can have completed in one day. While a portion of the dental implant treatment does occur in one day, and you will never be without a complete smile throughout the treatment, there is a significant amount of prep work that must happen first. You will, however, […]

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