Root Canal Therapy Saves a Tooth

Bright Smile Design Dental in Brooklyn and Manhattan performs root canal treatment on infected nerves while saving the natural tooth.

On the outside a tooth is very hard, which protects the nerve and the blood supply. When there is a cavity sometimes it gets so deep that it affects that nerve and blood supply, and that causes pain. A root canal treatment is needed when bacteria populating that space of our nerve and blood supply cause swelling and inflammation. These infections can be very painful.

A root canal treatment removes bacteria and then also removes the infected nerve. By removing that nerve we are in essence removing the food supply that the bacteria had been living on. We replace the nerve with a rubberized material that seals the outside world from the inside world so that bacteria cannot repopulate the space. We keep this area as sterile and disinfected as possible. The result is a safe and healthy tooth.

Wonderful results can be had with a dental implant, but when possible we prefer to do a root canal and crown so that we can save the natural tooth. Root canal therapy is considered a more conservative treatment than an extraction and placement of a dental implant.

Even when the best solution is to remove a tooth and replace a tooth with a dental implant, there is still some slight bone loss in the area. Keeping the patient’s natural tooth is better for the health of their jaw and for the patient overall.For this reason, we take a conservative approach and always try to save the patient’s natural teeth if at all possible.

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