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LANAPIn this dental practice we provide many services from root canal procedures to LANAP laser gum therapy to implant placement. These services include a very wide spectrum of specialty areas and so we rarely need to refer our patients to other specialists for a particular service. Although we are considered a general dental practice, the reality is that we are a one-stop-shop where we perform many types of procedures and we have extensive experience.

In dentistry we see many patients with periodontal problems, so in our practice we frequently provide laser gum therapy. The formal term for this modern treatment of gum disease is Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure– LANAP. In terms of implants we do a great number of implant placements annually, because people have missing teeth—or a tooth breaks and we provide dental implants relatively quickly for the convenience of the patient. Generally speaking we restore our patients’ smiles: we do the surgical portion as well as the restorative portion of implant dentistry here in this practice without the need for referrals in most cases.

We also use the Invisalign system for orthodontic treatment instead of patients having ugly, old-fashioned metal braces on their teeth long term. Invisalign is a very comfortable type of orthodontic experience because it consists of a series of shaping retainers that allow for removal on a daily basis.

For a wonderful smile a patient can visit us and have the important foundational gum issues addressed and also have the esthetics addressed with crowns, porcelain veneers, bonding, and whitening. We even do laser gum whitening for patients who have dark pigmentations on their gums from melanin build up. We provide lovely pink gums to the extent needed.

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