When Adult Teeth Do Not Form Behind Baby Teeth

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Once in a while a human being grows into adulthood without their adult teeth coming in and pushing out their baby teeth, which is a genetic condition. This is not a situation where the adult teeth have developed but have not descended; it is a situation where the adult teeth have not developed and only baby teeth remain.

For one particular patient of mine this condition created a very unaesthetic smile. He had some regular-sized teeth and also some smaller teeth, all of which were misaligned. When he bit down he touched his gums in some places because there was such a size discrepancy among his teeth. He was at a point where it was an unacceptable situation for him, and I was delighted to be able to help him.

This patient came to me for cleanings and told me he wished he had a better smile. In his mouth he had eight adult teeth and the remainder of what he had were baby teeth that had not fallen out. In a full consultation, we discussed the opportunities available with porcelain crowns and with dental implants. Porcelain crowns placed over the natural teeth are so tremendously strong, and implants with a prosthetic tooth on top can be placed as needed. Both porcelain crowns and implants look perfectly natural.

The treatment plan was to open up his bite and give him space in which to place regular-sized teeth where baby teeth had been, and to give him all porcelain teeth on top and bottom. Now he has a beautiful, completely natural looking smile that functions very well. The patient is more comfortable enjoying life and smiling in social situations now.

We gave him an amazing smile, and it is a great story for us all.

Dr. Alexander Lezhansky
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