Teeth in a Day is Great Option for Implant Patients

Dr. Alexander Lezhansky at Bright Smile Design Dental discusses the Teeth in a Day dental implants procedure.

For some patients who are missing teeth, it is possible for them to leave our office with what are called Teeth in a Day. In very basic terms, we prepare teeth before we extract the patient’s teeth that are in poor condition and cannot be saved, and then we place implants at the same time. We have already prepared temporary teeth from a laboratory, which we place into the implants on the same day. We do this procedure with the aid of CT scans in the office. In this way, on the day of the procedure the patient leaves the office with teeth in their mouth.

Teeth in a Day is wonderful for patients. In the past the time it took to complete dental implant treatment was lengthy. We would have to extract teeth first, do a bone graft, and then wait about six months. If we were lucky the patient would walk out of the office with a removable denture, and it would not be very comfortable for the patient. The patient would wait six months and then we would place the implants, wait for them to properly integrate, and then do the restoration. It took a year to a year and a half before the patient would have teeth in their mouth.

Now a patient comes in and on the day of treatment they leave with functional, temporary teeth. As part of the implant process the architecture of the patient’s gums and their bone change. While the implant integration process takes place—which takes about six months in the upper jaw and about three to four months in the lower jaw—the patient has teeth. These temporary teeth are screwed into the implants, so the patient is able to eat, smile, and laugh with confidence—just as though they had natural teeth.

Patients are pleasantly surprised by how good the teeth look, even though they are temporary. We do not want people walking around with uncomfortable, ugly teeth. We strive to give the best esthetic results as possible. After the implants have fully integrated into the jawbone, we place the final restorations.

These not only look great but with proper care they can last for decades—even a lifetime.

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