Replacing a missing Tooth With a Dental Implant

Replacing a Missing Tooth With a Dental Implant Prevents Many Problems

Dental problems are prevented at the Bright Smile Design Dental in Manhattan and Brooklyn by replacing one missing tooth with a dental implant.

Our teeth are constantly moving. If someone is missing just one tooth in the back of their mouth, where it is not noticeable, problems can occur if that tooth is not replaced with a dental implant. If we do not have another tooth in the empty place to stop the movement, the teeth will continue to shift and then create a malocclusion—an improper bite. This condition can lead to other problems, including further tooth loss.

When a tooth super erupts, meaning that it grows further than it is supposed to, or when it starts to tip on an angle because there is not another tooth beside it, the bite is not correct and teeth hit on a bad angle. When that happens the patient risks losing one of those other teeth.

A problem that starts with just one tooth can turn into a problem with many teeth. There can be increased risk of periodontal disease in these cases as well. When the tooth is in a poorly angled position it can make it more difficult to clean in that area. Food particles and bacteria often get trapped within the gum, which can lead to periodontal disease around the tooth that has shifted.

Malocclusion can continue to get worse and cause more problems for the patient. When you are not correctly biting on the teeth, you put uneven pressure on them as well as the muscles of mastication–the muscles that help us chew, and open and close our mouths.

Those muscles become overstrained, and that can lead to pressure on the TMJ joint, which can lead to issues such as grinding and headaches. Replacing that one back tooth with a dental implant could become a very good dental insurance policy, so to speak. You are keeping your bite in harmony and avoiding other dental problems.

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