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Placing an implant successfully in the esthetic zone in the front of the mouth depends greatly on the dentist’s ability to properly match the color of the surrounding teeth. We do this on a regular basis—but one story stands out because it was so timely in many ways.

A woman in her 50’s was at work—in a medical office—and when she bit into her sandwich her front lateral tooth cracked in half. One of our dental patients happened to be there for an appointment at the time and so she recommended me for emergency treatment.

The new patient came in that day and her tooth was wobbling in the air as she talked with us—the tooth moved with her lips as she spoke. When we offered to take care of the tooth that day, right there and then, she leaped at the opportunity. We took out the tooth, placed an implant, and gave her a temporary fixed tooth that day. The patient was ecstatic.

That temporary tooth, which would be replaced with a permanent tooth eventually, looked amazing—completely natural—and it was a very good solution for the patient.

One of the key elements to placing a temporary tooth correctly is to leave the gum un-traumatized from the extraction. We do not cut the gum—and so it is ready to receive a temporary tooth that replicates the shape and size of the one we removed. When extraction is done properly the gum does not know the difference and so it effortlessly forms itself around the new temporary tooth.

For this patient we did an excellent job of matching the proper shade of her surrounding teeth. She was comfortable and happy with the treatment, and it turned out to be a great story for all of us to tell.

Dr. Alexander Lezhansky
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