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check upGiving back to my community is important to me and that is one way in which I am committed to continuing education—I volunteer my time at NYU as a clinical instructor. Having volunteer instructors spend their time with me when I was a dental student added a great deal to my education experience and skill set, so now I share my knowledge and skills with dental students.

The most important thing a dentist can do is to properly diagnose the problem and then create an appropriate treatment plan to solve the problem for the patient. These two skill sets go hand in hand, and I enjoy teaching this to students. I teach students to ask “Why are we doing this procedure?” and “What are the treatment options for this patient?” With students I discuss why certain procedures might be applicable to certain patient situations—giving them options—and then I discuss with them how to problem-solve by choosing between those options. The keys are to diagnose correctly and plan treatment.

Personally it is stimulating to me to be around students, as a teacher but also as a practitioner who can continue to fine-tune my skills and become better over time as well. As a teacher and as a practitioner I want to be at the top of my field, so I teach as well as attend various continuing education courses.

For the next two years I am enrolled in an implant program of continuing education that is helping me to fine-tune my implant protocol as well as give me the ability to apply for a diploma from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Patients can rely on this practice for being current in both research knowledge and dentistry skill sets.

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-Dr. Alexander Lezhansky
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