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Do you have red puffy gums around existing crowns that bleed and hurt no matter what you try to do?

Brushing around them doesn’t help, flossing doesn’t help, and even after your regular dental cleaning they are still red, itchy and irritated.

Common causes of red swollen gums around dental crowns:

  • The easiest problem to solve is a piece of dental cement or hard food like a popcorn kernel is stuck in
    the gum. This case just requires the removal of the irritant by a dental professional and prescription of
    a medicated mouth wash.
  • Gum disease can cause swelling around crowns because bacteria accumulates in the gum and eats away at
    bone creating pockets around the tooth which allows for more accumulation of plaque and more dental
    bacteria. A dental exam and cleaning at our NYC dental office can evaluate the severity of the problem.
  • The dental crowns are to long and go to deep into the gum. There is a specific distance that the dental
    crowns have to be from the pocket of the dental gum in order to maintain a healthy tooth. When that
    distance between your dental crown and bone is to short this, cause inflammation of the gum around the
    tooth. In this case our cosmetic dentist can evaluate you for new all porcelain crowns (no metal dental
    crown) at the right biologic distance to create healthy teeth and healthy gums. In some case a crown
    lengthening procedure may be needed in order to correct the problem.
  • The most common cause of this problem is a badly fitting or shaped dental crown.

A badly fitting dental crown is when the crown doesn’t contact the adjacent teeth properly and a tiny space is created. In that tiny space food tends to get stuck there repeatedly and you are always flossing it out, this can lead to inflamed and irritated dental gums. The space between this dental crown may have developed over time due to drifting of the teeth, and needs to be addressed which is replacement of the crown. Our Cosmetic Dentist recommends using an all ceramic dental crown which durable, feels and look like your natural teeth.

A misshaped crown is when the dental crown is to wide which presses on the dental gum tissue and doesn’t allow it rest on the tooth properly and causes the tissue to be inflamed.

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