Dr. Lezhansky’s Comprehensive Dental Examination for New Patients

comprehensive dental examOur new patient comprehensive dental exam takes about half an hour to complete. This type of appointment is for gathering and providing information, but not for performing treatments. We would not want to rush a patient through either their first discussion with me as their dentist or their first treatment provided by me. We take a panoramic x-ray plus two bite wings, which I discuss with the patient. If they are currently experiencing any pain or discomfort we talk about those issues before starting the examination.

During the comprehensive examination of the mouth, I go tooth by tooth to look for cavities and periodontal disease, and I measure pocket depths. This exam also includes a very thorough oral cancer screening. Together these physical details along with what the patient has told me during our discussion will inform me when I sit down to write the comprehensive dental treatment plan for that particular patient and also consider their desires and goals.

If the plan for treatment is likely to be a more comprehensive case—perhaps a full mouth reconstruction– we might take the additional molds and photographs during that initial examination as well. We then set another appointment where we can relax and take the appropriate amount of time to discuss the treatment plan with the patient. At our treatment plan meeting with the patient, which can take up to an hour, we sit down together and discuss everything about the case point by point.

At the time of the initial comprehensive examination, if there is a need for fillings we schedule those appointments. We let the patient know we are available to talk with them about their treatments at any point and that keeping them comfortable will always be our top priority.

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