Dental Care Financing Options, Variety and Convenience

Payment OptionsMany patients ask questions about the cost of dental treatment and we offer dental care financing options to help make dentistry more affordable. We accept all major credit cards and we also offer Care Credit, which gives the patient six months to a year interest-free financing, and we also use Lending Club that offers financing options.

Though we do not technically offer in-office financing, we are happy to help the patient by breaking up payments during the course of the treatment they will receive. We might break this down into portions that are surgical, the crown, etc. For patients who have the orthodontic Invisalign system, we offer to break up the payments along the course of those multiple appointments. Final payment is due upon completion of the dental work provided.

Care Credit and the Lending Club patients are free to apply confidentially. We do not need to know the details of their application, as these are third-party lending institutions that the patient may choose to work with in order to finance the cost of treatment in our practice.

What is special about using Care Credit is that we as a practice pick up the cost of the financing for the patient—which is how the financing becomes interest-free for the patient. We normally agree to finance for six months and on occasion twelve months. The patient enjoys the benefit of interest-free financing and we are happy to extend that option by paying the cost on their behalf so they can receive treatment.

Applications can be done online at home or by telephone, and as needed we generally assist the patient in understanding how to apply. They can apply to these companies before they ever come to us as a patient, and then simply let us know this is how they will be paying for their treatment when the time comes.

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