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Periodontal Treatment

Getting regular dental check ups every six months is important because between 74-85% of Americans suffer some degree of gum disease but less than half are aware of it. Gums disease affects the whole body and not just your mouth.

What Is Gingivitis ?

Gingivitis is a mild case of gum disease and is reversible if treated in time. Gingivitis is caused by plaque buildup around the teeth and inside the gums, which causes inflammation. Plaque contains bacteria and the toxins they release cause the gum inflammation. Brushing and flossing daily will help keep plaque levels in check. The most important part of the fight against gum disease is your Biannual dental cleaning, this is when the dentist or hygienist can remove the stubborn supra gingival plaque. In most patient plaque tends to build up around the lower front teeth and the upper far back teeth these, areas should be focused on in your daily oral health routine.

What Is Periodontitis ?

Periodontitis is an advance case of gingivitis when you started to loss the underlying tissue that supports the tooth such as bone, ligaments and the attachment between your teeth and gums. There are several severities of periodontitis moderate, advanced and severe periodontitis.

How To Treat Gingivitis and Periodontitis?

If the dental exam reveals that you have gingivitis or moderate periodontitis, at Bright Smile Design Dental there are several non-surgical techniques.

If the exam reveals advanced or severe periodontitis then LANAP® is the treatment of choice by Dr Alexander Lezhansky DDS.

After any gum treatment whether it be surgical or non surgical a three month Maintenance program is designed to prevent periodontal disease from recurring.

Signs and Symptoms Of Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Cost Of Gum Treatment.

The cost of Gum treatment can cost $120 to over $6000 depending of the severity of the condition, and procedure that need to be done. Call Dr Lezhansky for your periodontal consultation.

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