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How do you know if Botox will work for you, one way is to make an appointment with our dentist for a free Botox consolation or do a self evaluation.

First look in the mirror and relax your face, if you see no fold or wrinkles then smile if you see wrinkle around the sides of your eye crows feet then you are a candidate for Botox

If you raise your eye brows and see wrinkles the you are a candidate for Botox

If bring your eye brow together and see wrinkle in the globular area (between your eyebrows) you are a candidate for Botox you can give us a call for your free Botox aesthetic consultation.

If when you look in the mirror you see slight wrinkles or small fold and then increase after the movement described above you may still be a candidate for Botox the best way is to give us a call for the free Botox consultation.

During your consultation we will evaluate for aesthetic concerns and give you the best treatment advice available. We also offer dermal filler option to help with other problem areas. So feel free to make an appointment for your free Botox consultation with Dr. Alexander Lezhansky.

Botox Treatment For Gummy Smile.

Botox is the least invasive treatment used to treat gummy smile, however temporary it is the first treatment that can be used if you are not ready for a bigger comminment of a surgery. Botox is injected above the lip area in order to relax the muscles of the lips, this way when you smile the lip does not raise up as high, there fore not showing as much teeth as it did before. This is also the least expensive treatment for gummy smile however to maintain the results the Botox will need to be repeated.

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