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Tooth Colored Fillings Preserve Healthy Teeth

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Tooth Colored Fillings Preserve Healthy Teeth

Dr. Alexander Lezhansky uses tooth colored fillings that keep the healthy part of the tooth intact and create a pleasing esthetic result.

In modern dentistry we now have tooth colored fillings, which are great for when patients have big, open-wide smiles when they laugh. Imagine going out to a party and having a great time while photos are being taken. With tooth colored fillings there is no need to be concerned about the camera catching the fillings in the back of the mouth. Tooth colored fillings are esthetically pleasing and they last as long as the old silver fillings.

The difference in the preparation for doing an old fashioned amalgam filling and a modern tooth colored filling is the amount of natural tooth that has to be adjusted. In order for a silver filling to be placed, a portion of the healthy tooth needs to be removed.

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