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Dental Implants Help Create Strong Jawbones

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Dental Implants Help Create Strong Jawbones

Dentist in Manhattan and Brooklyn explains how bone loss can be prevented by placing dental implants instead of using traditional dentures.

For a higher quality of life for the patient, dentures are ideally supported, or retained, by two dental implants. The dentures are held securely in place for chewing, speaking, and laughing. The patient does not have to be concerned about them flying out of their mouths onto the table.

Conventional dentures are naturally going to lead to bone resorption, whereas placement of dental implants are going to stimulate the bone and stop resorption from happening as fast. When you have a regular denture it is rubbing and irritating the gums and the bone, because it is shifting. In essence the bone wants to retreat away from the cause of the irritation, so it resorbs into the body. The result is bone loss.

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